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Urban Adelaide Green Tour by Pedicab image 1
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Urban Adelaide Green Tour by Pedicab

Traverse space and time, journey roads less-traveled and navigate the familiar in a novel way. This intimate, eco-tourism experience of Adelaide on an EcoCaddy is sure to deliver.

Be liberated as you roll where others can't, experience the air on your face, witness the moving surroundings, the hustle and bustle of the city and breathe the scent of Adelaide; its produce, cuisine and more. In your EcoCaddy, your rider guide will have unrivalled ability to ride the footpaths, cycleways, parkways, laneways, courts of this city and more. Be moved as you detox traffic, quit congestion, omit the routine and permit curiosity to take hold as you encounter landscapes, architecture and history in this truly unique eco-friendly, cycling tour. There is no experience like it.

1 Hour Tour
A 1-hour getaway and cosmopolitan escape to the urban greenery that characterizes Adelaide. Venture through the cycle-dedicated Adelaide Parklands Trail on a route that will encounter Adelaide's parks, gardens and more. Navigate the urban as we return on a city route including vogue streets such as Halifax. This tour provides an informative, fun and curiosity-filled hour suitable for those who are new to Adelaide as well as residents.

2 Hour Tour
This 2-hour journey offers an unmatched opportunity to encounter Adelaide's green belt in the most incomparable of ways. Highlights include the gardens of the Southern greenbelt, the Riverbank Precinct and the historic Adelaide Oval. In addition to these attractions, this tour ventures to lesser frequented expanses of the parklands resulting in a comprehensive, insightful and fun experience. This engaging tour is certain to delight residents of Adelaide and visitors alike.