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Trike Tour of Yarra Bend Park Melbourne for Two image 1
223 €

Trike Tour of Yarra Bend Park Melbourne for Two

Tour Melbourne’s historic Yarra Bend Park on this trike tour for two. Explore the largest area of natural bush land left in inner Melbourne, and you will discover its insane history, rich cultural heritage, long expanses of river frontage and even a large roosting camp of up to 30,000 flying foxes – an Australian native megabat.

Explore Melbourne’s own Yarra River beyond the CBD and discover the greenery, sights and rich history – there’s lots of it – of Melbourne’s Yarra Bend Park, officially reserved in 1877 and consisting of over 600 acres.

The boom trike is in leisurely cruise mode as you firstly pass the Royal Botanic Gardens and wind along the Boulevard through Richmond and then into the Kew and Fairfield area. Yarra Bend Park has an intriguing history and is culturally significant to the establishment of Melbourne.

Step back in time as not one but two Boathouses lure you into walking along their banks or over their bridges to marvel at the settings, the boats and bird life - including the flying foxes. There are views of Melbourne above green treetops, the Abbotsford Convent, Collingwood Children’s Farm, and numerous golf courses and majestic buildings before we return.