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Tierra del Fuego National Park and End of the World Train image 1
106 €

Tierra del Fuego National Park and End of the World Train

Take a ride in the famous End of the World train that goes up to the entrance of the National Park Tierra del Fuego. Continue by bus discovering the natural wonders of this park. Admission to the National Park is not included in the tour price.

Begin the day with an early morning pickup from hotels in Ushuaia to End of the World train station. This is the departing point for the trains which follow the winding Pipo River edge that goes into Tierra del Fuego National Park. This is the same route that the prison train used to take. Here we can appreciate the used tree trunks that were loyal witnesses of that time when Ushuaia used to be a penal colony. Quirky carriages from the beginning of last century take us to experience a part of this land history.

Once we reach the entrance of National Park Tierra del Fuego, we get off the train. This park represents the southernmost protected area as the only National Park that has coastlines, covering a stretch of 6 km wide over the Beagle Channel and an area of 63,000 hectares. The topography of the park varies a lot. Everything is a series of craggy mountains, rivers, valleys and lakes, resulting in varied landscapes from the picturesque and lively stream to the mass of towering mountains, or the extraordinary spectacle of the majestic Canal Beagle.

The most common mammals living in the park are foxes and rabbits but you can also see muskrat and beaver. Among birds, Upland Goose and gray-headed steamer ducks, great grebe, the black carpenter and rayadito giant roam. The park presents exclusive marine birds such as albatross, the oystercatcher overo the white Cauquen and mammals such as seals and otters sea.

Some of the points we'll visit are: Ensenada Bay, Redonda Island sighting, lake Roca Casita del Bosque, Laguna Verde and Negra, beaver dam, and Lapataia Bay which marks the end of the route, some 3,242 km. from Buenos Aires.