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115 €

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The Argentina Experience Cooking Class

Discover the real Argentine Experience and learn how to cook to best dishes Argentina has to offer. Breaking the mold of a traditional restaurant, the Argentina Experience is perfect for those who want to meet others and learn about the local traditions. Enjoy the finest Argentinian gastronomy and learn about its rich history and culture in a great way.

Learn how to make empanadas and to order the perfect meat in Spanish, make delicious alfajores and prepare the perfect Mate drink, all of that while having a great time with the best cooking Argentinian teachers who will make you laugh with the famous Argentinian humour.

For the most curious, a wine tasting experience is available before the cooking class and dinner.

According to the chosen option (Argentine Experience only or Combined with Wine Tasting), meet your instructor in the Parlermo Neighborhood at 6:30 p.m. or 7:30 p.m.

Get to know your instructor and small group and listen to an introduction on Argentinian culinary culture.

If the wine experience was chosen, learn to make three wines based cocktails and make your own, while enjoying a selection of home made tapas, complementing perfectly each drink. Then, suit up with an apron and chef's hat and start your cooking class.

Warming up with an Empanada, use your imagination and be part of an empanada making contest. Enjoy grilled provoleta, sliced chorizo sausage, homemade chimichurri (sauce for grilled meat), warm bread and salsa criolla (sliced onions with herbs).

Then, learn how to ask for a perfect bife de lomo in Spanish, one of the best Argentinian meat. Enjoy it with some velvety mashed potatoes and oven-roasted vegetables.

For desert, make your very own alfajores, a sweet treat combining a biscuit and dulce de leche, melted chocolate fondue and coconut shavings.

During the meal, you can drink 2 Malbec wines. Afterwards, learn the history of Mate, very present in the local culture, while preparing it.