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152 €

Sydney Portrait Photography Experience

Experience a 5-hour small group portrait photography experience with a professional photographer guide. Discover the secret to taking powerful, emotive portrait photographs using natural light. Working with a model, this hands-on learning experience takes place in the hip lane ways and back streets of Chippendale on Sydney's city fringe. Learn how to communicate and pose your model - an essential skill for any budding portrait photographer. Learn how to use the quality of the natural light to achieve a unique look. You will create images that are engaging and soulful using the unique backdrop that is Chippendale's street art and fading warehouse architecture.

After meeting your photographer guide at the studio, take part in a quick overview of the creative controls and camera basics. Then, setup for your 5-hour portrait photography session.

Capture a moment in time during your 5-hour session as you challenge yourself by capturing the essence of your subject in the click of a button.

Discover the important decision-making processes as well as the technical aspects of composition and lighting. With an expert on hand, you’ll examine white balance icons and how changing the white balance affects the image. Learn about high and low contrast ranges to create mood and atmosphere as well as explore the use of bouncing and diffusing light and how to best shoot portraits in a variety of outdoor situations. Discover the best methods to communicate and pose the model while gaining confidence in directing and actualising your ideas.

A DSLR, compact camera or smart phone is required. To achieve the most from this photography tour using a DSLR camera is recommended. Please bring the manual if you have one, as well as at least one memory card and a set of fully charged spare batteries.

During your tour, your photographer guide will cover the following points:

  • A quick overview on creative controls
  • Memory, pixels, file sizes, and storage
  • Fill Flash techniques
  • How to diffuse and bounce light
  • Understand the nature of light
  • Exposing for highlight and for shadows
  • Advanced and creative composition
  • Lens perspective overview
  • How to pose your subject
  • How to work with your model and communicate your ideas
  • Setting a mood and creating atmosphere
  • How to pick your backgrounds and set a style