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Nassau Fitness and Sightseeing Tour image 1
148 €

Nassau Fitness and Sightseeing Tour

Don't let vacation mode stop you from staying on top of your workout regimen. Take in the scenic views with a workout session that spans the Queen's staircase, the beach and the ocean. Utilize all of nature's beauty as you workout with others.

Workout while on vacation and meet others just like you. After a pickup from your Nassau hotel, your driver will give you a tour while transporting you to multiple spots for your workout. Your fitness instructor will do a brief consultation to determine the best workout that fits your needs and meets your expectations.

Workout and tour at the same time. Take in all of nature's beauty and beautify your body. Whether you prefer high-intensity training, cardio or yoga, your instructor will meet your needs. There will be a stop at the Queen's Staircase which not only allows you to visit one of the top sights in Nassau but also provides an opportunity to get you heart rate up. There will also be a stop at Cabbage Beach where you will perform various workouts and take time for some swimming in the ocean.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to get in shape while you see the sights of Nassau.