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Full Day Kayak Experience on Lake Moreno From Bariloche image 1
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Full Day Kayak Experience on Lake Moreno From Bariloche

Book a Full Day Kayak Experience on Lake Moreno with us to experience the region from another point of view! Paddle on the Moreno lake and discover the landscapes of the region from the water. Going through different kind of panoramas, you will be able to see waterfalls, beaches, Mounts and explore Andinian scenaries

We will pick you up at your lodging around 9 am and then drive towards Circuito Chico area, which is 20 km (12, 5 mi) from the centre of our beloved city of Bariloche. On the way to the starting point of the journey, we will pass by the renowned Punto Panorámico, the famous Hotel Llao Llao, Puerto Pañuelo and we will pass through the Llao Llao Municipal Park.

After the respective instructions (safety talk and paddling techniques) provided by our guide, we will start our activity.

We will start paddling from Arroyo Angostura (Lago Moreno Oeste). From there we will see the majestic Cerro López, Cerro Bella Vista, Cerrito Llao Llao and other mountains. We will also land on the Isla de los Conejos and appreciate the famous Hotel Llao Llao from the water. At noon, we will stop for lunch at one of the beaches, enjoying the Llao Llao Municipal Park´s flora and fauna. Afterwards, we will paddle into Lago Moreno Este, where we will appreciate beautiful residential houses from the lake.

Afterwards, we will return around 4.30 pm.