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El Calafate History Museum Tour image 1
9 €

El Calafate History Museum Tour

The CIC travel 100 million years of nature and human history in Patagonia.  The montage of dinosaurian and mega mammal illuminate the show of the evolution that this region was.  Videos, photos and audios are to understand and remember the genocide of Aonikenk people and the Patagonics strikes.  Re-discover the Tehuelche culture understanding the process of large duration. Immerse in five halls powered of solar energy were the past speck.

The visit to the Interpretation Center CALAFATE is an experience of immersion in the past, the articulator is the passage of time. In the two hours that you will use to visit the museum, the tools used as graphics, videos and bone montages will guide you to gain a better understanding of the Patagonian past.

Know the true history of Southern Patagonia because knowing the history of the place enriches your trip.  During your tour you will learn interesting facts about the 100 million-year history featuring dinosaur skeletons and mega mammals that were unique in the area as well as the glacier process and ecological transformations of the Pleistocene that were part of the Tehuelche  culture.

The museum is open everyday from 10:00am - 8:00pm.  Translation options are available in Spanish, French, English, Italian and Portuguese.