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Buenos Aires Walking Tour Including Colon Theater and MALBA image 1
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Buenos Aires Walking Tour Including Colon Theater and MALBA

In this tour you will go to the most classic neighborhoods of the city and visit two of the most representative places of Buenos Aires' culture: the Colón Theater and the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA). You will walk with our guide to get to know the most representative corners of the districts of San Telmo and Puerto Madero. We will visit the historic Plaza de Mayo and we will be located at the foot of the Obelisk of Buenos Aires. You can choose if you want to visit the Colón Theater, the MALBA, or both.

The walking tour starts in the heart of the San Telmo Neighborhood. This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires and it has a vibrant tango and arts scene. We will take Defensa street in a southerly direction, to visit the antique markets, and observe the characteristic architecture, the street lighting, cobblestones streets, old buildings and decoration from the 19th century and we will arrive at the Lezama Park.

Once we leave the park, we will walk two blocks until we reach the southern end of Puerto Madero. This neighborhood is the most modern of the City and consists of skyscrapers and exclusive restaurants and hotels. We will arrive to Puente de la Mujer, a revolving bridge which represents a couple dancing tango. We will cross the bridge to take the road on the opposite bank and walk to Avenida Belgrano, we will turn into Avenida Paseo Colón, and after three blocks, we will reach the historic Plaza de Mayo, here we can visit the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Cabildo, the Colonial town hall; and the Casa Rosada, the presidential house. 

On the other side of the square, we will take Diagonal Norte and we will arrive at the famous Obelisk of Buenos Aires, icon of the city, located in the center of 9 de Julio Avenue. We will cross this avenue and continue walking through it, for two blocks, to arrive to the Colón Theater. This opera house is considered one of the five best in the world for its size, acoustics and trajectory.

If you chose the option to visit the Teatro Colón, we will have the opportunity to finish our tour with a guided tour inside the spectacular venue. We will visit the Hall, the Main Foyer, the Gallery of Busts and the Golden Hall, visitors can absorb amazing details about the architecture, stairs, sculptures, ceilings and vitreaux. After a 50-minute visit, the tour will end at the door of the Theater.

If you chose the option of visiting the MALBA, we will board a public bus to go to Palermo Neighborhood, where the MALBA (Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires) is located. This museum was founded with the aim of collecting, preserving, studying and disseminating Latin American art. It exhibits a heritage of approximately 400 works by the most important modern and contemporary artists of the region. The tour ends with the entrance to the Museum, which is included, and where you will have the opportunity to walk at your own pace, taking the time to observe each room and the different exhibitions.

The third option, you are able to choose the tour that includes the visit to both places, so you will enter the Teatro Colón, and after the guided tour, you will go with your guide to the MALBA where, after providing the entrance to the museum, the tour ends.