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33 €

Brisbane Segway Sightseeing Tour

Glide effortlessly through Brisbane breathtaking sites and see the city’s best known landmarks on a fun Segway tour. Aboard your own personal two-wheel transportation device our 2 hour 15 minute tours visit the sights of the city including the Brisbane River, Southbank Parklands, City Botanical Gardens, Eagle Street Pier, The Story Bridge, Kangaroo Point Cliffs and Roma Street Parklands. We will also visit and interact with some wildlife along the way. There are three options on tour lengths to choose from: 45 minutes, 1 hour 15 minutes and 2 hour 15 minute tours, which include stops at points of interest where your friendly guide will provide information about beautiful Brisbane. Have a blast on these tours, soaring through stunning Brisbane sites. This tour is limited to small groups, ensuring a personalized experience that you'll remember.

Meet your guide in the morning, afternoon or evening for an in-depth training session to get familiar with your Segway. Grab your helmet and get ready to explore beautiful Brisbane.

2 hour 15 minute Segway Sightseeing Tour: Morning or Evening
Segway along and see Brisbane's breathtaking sites including, Kurilpa Park, Brisbane River, The Wheel of Brisbane, South Bank Parklands, The Goodwill Bridge, The Brisbane City Botanical Gardens, Eagle Street Pier, Kangaroo Point Cliffs, The Story Bridge, Kurilpa Bridge and Roma Street Parklands. Also visit and interact with wildlife along the way. Along the way your ultra friendly guide will share interesting facts and insider tips on beautiful Brisbane. This is a great way to see Brisbane and you’ll cover so much more distance (about 25km distance traveled) than on a walking tour while having fun.

1 hour 15 minute Segway Sightseeing Tour: Afternoon
Your friendly guide will take you to some of the best Segway riding locations with limited stops, allowing you more time to see as much of beautiful Brisbane as we can. Zip along and see some of Brisbane’s top attractions including Kurilpa Park, Brisbane River, The Wheel of Brisbane, South Bank Parklands, The Goodwill Bridge, The City Botanical Gardens, The Story Bridge and Kurilpa Bridge. Gliding through breathtaking Brisbane sites by Segway is a blast. 

45 minute Segway Sightseeing Tour: Late Morning
Not much time, do an express 45 minute segway tour of breathtaking Brisbane. Have a blast gliding through beautiful Brisbane, you will visit Brisbane River, South Bank Parklands and travel over The Goodwill Bridge. Why choose us, because we care that your tour is the most fun you can have.