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Adelaide Walking Tour: East End Escapade

Explore the east end of Adelaide on an easy-paced 2 hour small-group walking tours. The focus of these tours is on history, heritage and culture and covers not only the architecture and history of the varying buildings but also the people who have been associated with them, and the stories about Adelaide's development from colonial times to today. Most of the sites visited are public institutions, private homes and monuments and tour participants, whether locals, interstate or from overseas get to experience the essence of what Adelaide is all about.

  1. General Havelock Hotel - Introduction including brief history of Adelaide and its development, route of tour, duration and other housekeeping. Talk about early development of the south-east corner of the city of Adelaide and heritage of General Havelock Hotel.  (10 min)
  2. Drinking Fountain - Discuss history of water in Adelaide, fountains (4 min)
  3. Victorian Villa  - story of history of house, inhabitants, architecture ( 4 min)
  4. Shop and House  - Brief overview of house and shop, inhabitants ( 5 min)
  5. Cranford House  - outline history and architecture  (5 min)
  6. Waverly  - discuss history of house and architecture, notable inhabitants (5 min)
  7. House - connection to George Kingston, inhabitants, architecture (3 min)
  8. Ochiltree House - overview of history of building, inhabitants ( 5 min)
  9. Morecroft House  -  mention its significance, history, architecture, usages (4 min)
  10. St Corantyn  - Story of house - inhabitants, usage of house,  (5 min)
  11. Servants Quarters of St Corantyn - architecture, history, usage (2 min)
  12. Victorian Villa  - outline usage of building and its inhabitants  (2 min)
  13. Villa - brief overview and history of villa, usage, architecture  (3 min)
  14. St John's Church & Priory - history of church and priory, architecture, usage  (10 min)
  15. Shop Residence  - History including inhabitants and current usage (3 min)
  16. Terraced Houses  - story regarding erection of terraced houses, history, significance (2 min)
  17. Springhill Lodge  - History and architecture as well as inhabitants(5 min)
  18. Public Schools Club  - History, architecture and associated stories with the Bragg family (5 min)
  19. Salvation Army Women's Hostel - History of building, history of Salvation Army, usage of building (5 min)
  20. Craigweil  - History, Architecture, inhabitants (4 min)
  21. Former Wesleyan Manse  -  History including architecture, inhabitants  (4 min)
  22. Sainte Etoile  - Architecture focus (2 min)
  23. Weeroni  - History, Architecture, inhabitants (4 min)
  24. Cartref  - History, Architecture and inhabitants -  (5 min)
  25. Carhayes  - History, noted inhabitants - benefactors to Adelaide (5 min)
  26. Naval, Military & Airforce Club  - History, development of site - (3 min)
  27. Victoria Terrace Building  - History, Development, developer of site, current use (4 min)
  28. Former Shop and Dwelling - History, German influence, architecture (2 min)