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3-Day Tour of Cachi, Laguna Brealito and National Park Los Cardones image 1
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3-Day Tour of Cachi, Laguna Brealito and National Park Los Cardones

Three days journey to an amazing places in the province of Salta.
Committing to the tourist circuit of the Calchaqui Valley we will start our adventure. We appreciate living nature and some unforgettable landscapes of the region in a way where emotions will feel unique at this place.

This is what we propose to live in these 3-day of hiking. Cachi and its surroundings are very conducive to the development of active tourism places. The charm of a village with history and architecture make you enjoy the day.

Reserves and natural wonders came to captivate your imagination.

Day 1: Cachi - Valle Hermoso
A visit with a local guide through the village of Cachi will start the tour.
In the afternoon, a ride on ATVs in the vicinity of the village of Cachi.

Itinerary of the day:
10:00am: City Tour of Cachi
1:00pm: Lunch
3:00pm: Excursion in ATV
6:00pm: Free time

Day 2: Laguna Brealito
The next day we get ready to go on an excursion to the Laguna de Brealito, where you'll enjoy one of the best views in height to the cactus. It is an amazing place with natural beauty still unexplored.

Itinerary of the day:
3:00pm: Excursion to Laguna de Brealito
8:00pm: Return to Cachi
8:30pm: Transfer to hotel

Day 3: National Park Los Cardones
Finally, the third day visit the National Park Los Cardones, a reserve created exclusively to protect the cacti. Inside the park we will cycle for approximately 2-hour.
Early in the afternoon we will go back to Cachi where lunch will end our adventure.

Itinerary of the day:
8:00am: Departure to the National Park Los Cardones
9:00am: Cycling Tour
12:00pm: Return by vehicle to Cachi
1:00pm: Lunch at Cachi
2:00pm: End of the tour